Skeeter Shield Misting System is an automatic insect control system that is permanently installed in areas where mosquitoes are a common nuisance.

Why use the Skeeter Shield Misting System?

  1. Economical
  2. The Skeeter Shield Misting System can save you money by reducing problems such as contamination, infection, insect transmitted disease, and animal stress. By using this system, more insects will be controlled per dollar spent.

  3. Easy
  4. A representative in your area can design and install a system to fit your individual needs. Once the system is installed and programmed, all you have to do is keep the insecticide reservoir filled. The Skeeter Shield Misting System is designed to be virtually maintenance free.

  5. Automatic and Effective
  6. The Skeeter Shield Misting System automatically gives a synchronized spray through strategically placed nozzles that evenly distribute insecticide over a desired area. No matter what type of facility you have, Skeeter Shield gives you safer insect control with water-based insecticides and peace of mind.

How does the System Work?

The Skeeter Shield Misting system includes nozzles, tubing, and a reservoir with a pressurized pump. Spray nozzles, connected by nylon tubing, are placed at strategic locations based on the structure of the facility to create a zone of protection. The nozzles and tubing are connected to a pressurized pumping system that is controlled by an automatic timer. Once installed, the system is set to spray on a predetermined 24-hour schedule. The pump draws liquid from a reservoir and transfers it through the nylon tubing to the spray nozzles. This way the system covers the area with small particles of water based insecticide.

Why use an Skeeter Shield Insect Control System?

Insect control has been a headache for homeowners and animal owners/producers for decades. Control methods used range from bug lights to zappers. Many of these methods never consistently provide effectiveness. Insects on the other hand are very consistent. They become active as soon as weather permits. This means that as the temperature warms up, they start reproducing.

The Skeeter Shield Misting system answers the problem of ineffective, labor intensive insect control. Being an automatic system, Skeeter Shield Misting Sysytem controls the area on a regular preset schedule.For indoor facilities this means insects do not have the opportunity to escape. For outdoor areas this means covering the whole areas at each spray duration. Using this technology, the Skeeter Shield Misting System controls insects by killing a larger number of insects each time it sprays, thus lowering or breaking the reproduction cycle.

Who Needs the Skeeter Shield Misting System?

  1. Home Owners
  2. The Skeeter Shield Misting System can be installed on perimeter fencing, under decks and covered walkways, around the total perimeter of the home, gardens and in trees. Whatever the layout of the proposed installation, the Skeeter Shield Misting System can be designed to provide relief from mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

  3. LiveStock/Animal Shelters
  4. Skeeter Shield Misting System has been installed in many other types of barns and buildings, including dog kennels, zoos and more.Skeeter Shield Misting System has the potential to provide insect control in any area.