Mosquito and Insect Controlled Misting Systems and Barrier Sprays

Livestock bothered by mosquitoes spend more time scratching and less time on the field. Adult female mosquitoes cause annoyance to livestock by sucking blood. Animals are not able to graze properly, often resulting in reduced weight and decreased milk production. During mosquito outbreaks, animals will gradually bunch up to avoid attack. If the attack persists, they could have a stampede, causing injury to themselves and damaging fences.

Protect your livestock and animals from mosquito borne diseases, including heartworm. Skeeter Shield insect controlled misting systems also protect your animals from flies, fleas, ticks, midget flies, and much more. Skeeter Shield has unique, ECO friendly products specially designed for use against mosquitoes. Quick, non-toxic and easy to use for open areas, golf course and livestock. A safe and effective insect repellent for horses, livestock and pets.