Skeeter Pellets

Sheeter Shield - Skeeter Pellets

Apart from the above mentioned products, we at Skeeter Shield also provide related accessories like Refills, Insecticides and more making us a one stop solution for all your mosquito riddance needs.

Skeeter Pellets kill mosquitoes even before they are old enough to bite. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor needs. Skeeter Pellets can be used around fish habitats, household and other places of human occupation.

Areas which accumulate water, old tires and spongy areas in the backyards are ideal locations for mosquito breeding. Skeeter Pellets maybe applied at such places to avoid breeding of these insects stopping them even before they can become a source of trouble. We use one Skeeter Pellet for up to 100 sq. ft. of surface area of standing water, regardless of depth. In highly polluted water with a high organic content, the application rate may have to be increased to as much as four (4) times the normal dosage based on evaluation by the user.

Mosquito Pellets

Skeeter Pellets are used to control mosquitoes biologically. This two-inch floating rings contain bacillus thuringiensis, which is consumed by mosquito larvae and kills them. Use in places where mosquitoes breed such as: ponds, bird baths, unused swimming pools, flower pots, rain barrels, old tires, and any other place where water collects. One Skeeter Pellet contains bacillus thuringiensis controls mosquitoes for 30 days in 100 square feet of water surface, regardless of depth. Skeeter Pellet is pet safe, harmless to children and the environment.