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Misting systems are installed in many different configurations to ensure a custom designed system that guarantees insect and mosquito control where you need it. Skeeter Shield Misting Systems are installed around swimming pools, fences, patios, covered porches, perimeters of homes, gardens, dog kennels, horse barns, and more. Commercial application includes wineries, restaurants, parks, day cares, playgrounds, horse barns and more. Our system kills mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums, ticks and many more insects. Water based EPA registered insecticides are used and provide fast knock-down of mosquitoes, flies, gnats and no-see-ums, without causing harm to humans, pets and other insects. Once the misting system is installed the system is set to spray on a custom 24-hour schedule that fits your particular needs. We guarantee our misting systems will help to provide an atmosphere where outdoor living can be enjoyed.

Misting Systems

Skeeter Shield designed Misting Systems and accessories are designed to help you free yourself from the pain of having little winged intruders. Our Misting Systems eliminate insects, flies, fleas, ticks etc.

Misting Systems of the Finest Quality

At Skeeter Shield we provide the finest quality, most durable, user friendly systems available today. Our fully automatic timer combines reliability with ease of use.

What’s More?

Our mosquito misting systems are versatile enough to fit any application and can be easily expanded to accommodate future growth. This way you may use the misting system not only for your backyards but a whole range of the other needs.